iHCI 2015

The 9th annual Irish HCI conference will take place on the Friday 23rd October 2015 at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin.

Registration for iHCI 2015 is now open.

The conference will showcase leading HCI research in Ireland, and by Irish researchers working internationally, through poster and curated presentation sessions. The overall theme for this year is creative technology and the future of HCI in Ireland.

The conference will feature keynote talks from four leading voices in the field of HCI:

  • Sriram Subramanian, Informatics, University of Sussex
  • Anna Cox, UCL Interaction Centre
  • John McCarthy, Applied Psychology, University College Cork
  • Aaron Quigley, SACHI, University of St Andrews

We will also have five research talks, focusing on publications by Irish researcher at leading international venues, and 31 poster presentations, which demonstrate the depth and breath of HCI research in Ireland.

iHCI 2015 is organised by the NCAD+UCD Creative Technology Network, a partnership between academics and designers at University College Dublin and NCAD championing and facilitating cutting edge HCI collaborations, research and design.

iHCI 2015 is sponsored by ACM SIGCHI Chapter Ireland and the NCAD+UCD Project