The poster track is intended to display the depth and breath of HCI research in Ireland and to provide a starting point for new conversations.

We are delighted to say that we had a huge amount of interest and have been able to accept 30 posters for presentation on the day.

Accepted posters

“Violating Fit’s Law” [sic]: Fitts’ Law Beyond HCI Education
Evangelos Kapros, Trinity College Dublin

Online Group User’s Experiences of Munchausen by Internet
Aideen Lawlor, University College Cork

Speak+Seek: Voice Controlled BI
Eoghan O’Shea, Dublin Institute of Technology

Design considerations of a lifelog annotation system with three-level hierarchical ontology
Aaron Duane, Dublin City University

Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Capture Visual Attention during Interpretation of a Simulated Bedside Monitor
Jonathan Currie, Ulster University

User Modelling for Adaptive Human-Computer Interaction
Anas Samara, Ulster University

Espace Altéré
Pierre Jolivet, UCD/NCAD

User Requirements Analysis for the Nation, Genre and Gender Project Website
Lucy McKenna, Agata Nowak & Judith Wusteman, University College Dublin

Engagement Models and Automatic Engagement Recognition in Human Computer Conversation
Yuyun Huang, Trinity College Dublin

Evaluation of the Perceived Appeal and Usability of Responsive and Mobile m-commerce websites
Aoife Gannon, IADT

Innovative approaches to understanding business location factors
David Allen, Ulster University

Interactive ToyBox
Jaymie Small, University of Limerick

A Metric to Quantify if a Software Application Meets the User’s Expectation for Completing a Representative Task
Raymond Robert Bond, Ulster University

Evaluating Gesture Characteristics when using a Bluetooth Handheld Music Controller.
Ricard Pinsenschaum, Limerick Institute of Technology

Hands on with Electronic textiles (E-textile) – Promoting technology through craft and design
Shirley Coyle, Dublin City University

‘Carrot & Stick’; a comparable study of physical output generated through incentivized / de-incentivized exergames
Joey Campbell, Cork Institute of Technology

Hey Are You Still There? Designing User Experience for Social Computing Systems
Nasim Mahmud, University College Dublin

The use of an adaptive coaching system to improve patient outcomes during a free living exercise programme in type 2 diabetics
Hugh Byrne, University College Dublin

Enable a better collaboration through personalization
Annemarie Helmreich, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

The Role of Technology in Dementia Friendly Communities
Sarah Foley, University College Cork

Predicting User Engagement in Twitter with Collaborative Ranking
Ernesdo Diaz-Aviles, IBM Research – Ireland

Using tree visualisations to comprehend and navigate hierarchical structured information in source code
Ivan Bacher, Dublin Institute of Technology

‘The only pill I need’: Identity work in an extreme men’s rights online community
Steve Warren, University College Cork

The Potential of Using Voice Recognition in Patient Assessment Documentation in Mountain Rescue
Rita Darcy, Trinity College Dublin

A Mixed Method Analysis of Internalised Ageism and HCI
James Cully, University College Cork

PELARS – A user-centred learning analytics system for STEM education
Donal Healion, National College of Art & Design

Towards Classification of Engagement in Human-Robot Conversations
Joao Paulo Cabral, Trinity College Dublin

Mining Affective Context in Short Films for Emotion-Aware Recommendation
Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez, University College Dublin

A multimodal system for public speaking anxiety with real-time feedback
Fiona Dermody, Dublin City University

Communicating Theoretical Concepts in Interaction Design
Adam Girard, University College Dublin